Welcome to the home page of Alpha Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, located at 404 Concord Street in Framingham, Massachusetts.

We meet every 4th Monday, September through June

As a lodge of Freemasons, we are part of the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world, an organization that is dedicated to the basic tenets of friendship, morality, and brotherly love. Alpha Lodge was formally constituted on November 13, 1876, and has been quietly serving the Framingham community since its inception. Part of our mission, and every Masonic lodge's mission, is to "make good men better" to serve our families, fraternity, faith, communities, and country. Alpha Lodge operates by charter under the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Massachusetts.


The first step to becoming a Freemason, especially if you don't know any, is to get to know some of us. Becoming a Freemason is a very personal decision and is not a right fit for everyone. We want to get to know you to make sure Masonry is right for you, and you should get to know us to understand if we are the right lodge for you.


We meet once each month and start by sitting down together to share a meal. We spend time catching up but will often have a presentation or discussion of an educational, historical, or philosphical nature. While meetings are reserved for only those who are Freemasons, guests and visitors are warmly received for dinner, by invitation.


No one is asked to become a Freemason. This is not a society that has been privately selected by invitation only. Our Fraternity is built on free-minded men who seek out and ask to be made a Mason. Once you have gotten to know some of the members, ask for a petition. They will let you know if they think it is right for you and the right time to join.


Once you fill out your petition, you will be expected to give references to vouch for your character and values. This is one reason it is so important to get to know some of the members. After you have your petition submitted, several members will be assigned to your request and will meet with you to explore your interest and provide answer to any remaining questions.


OldBookAlpha Lodge hosted this past month's Lodge of Instruction. Worshipful Brother Craig Rothman was pleased to revive the traditional meal before the Lodge of Instruction, served by our resident chef, Steve Dembro, from Stevie's Eatery.

We thanked the outgoing Master of LOI, Worshipful Brother Grim on a job well done, and we welcomed the new Master of the Lodge of Instruction, Worshipful Paul Eckler, and his suite of officers. Worshipful Brother Adam Marks, the District Education Officer for the 15th North Masonic District, along with his counterpart for the Southern District, Worshipful Robert Jackson, presented the thoughts on Masonic Education, and the officers from the lodges participated in a captivating short play, "What Kind of Mason Are You?"

Alpha Lodge was pleased to be awarded the Little Laterns Award for most Officers at a Lodge of Instruction.